Know Your Health Numbers | Valet.

You’re a strong, healthy and virile young man, right? But do you have the data to back that up? There’s a reason why most doctor’s appointments start off with updating your vital stats like weight, height and blood pressure before they even get down to business. That’s because these numbers are a good way to … Read more

Rafael Nadal Stakes His Claim as the Greatest

In September, Rafael Nadal was on crutches. After pulling out of the US Open and the remainder of his 2021 season, the Spaniard underwent surgery for the chronic issue that had plagued his left foot for years. He’d been sidelined with injuries before —in 2005, he famously won the Madrid Open final with a broken … Read more

Make Something of Dinner at Home

I’ve worn many hats in my professional career. I dropped out of law school and sold timeshares in San Diego. I processed contracts. I worked for event planners and wrote emails about custom toupees (or, “hair systems” as we were forced to call them). I was a barista who happened to be certified to sell … Read more