When it Comes to Facial Fillers, Why Is Everyone Playing the Dissolve and Refill Game?

There’s a shift in the world of fillers right now, with more patients dissolving their fillers and, then (sometimes), refilling the area. Chalk it up to filler fatigue, poorly done fillers, migrating product, or a desire not to look so overtly plump—there’s no denying the uptick in dissolution. When Filler Fatigue Sets In A somewhat … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Ceramides—Including the Best Products to Use

No surprise here, but skin-care ingredient trends come and go—with a few exceptions, of course. We know you’re probably already aware of the benefits of the most commonly talked about skin-care ingredients, like vitamin C, retinol, and hyaluronic acid. But there’s another vital ingredient that should be on your radar: ceramides. This rockstar ingredient has … Read more

Jon Bernthal on Playing Crooked Cops, ‘American Gigolo,’ and Doubting his Sex Appeal

GQ Hype: It’s the big story of right now. It’s early April, and Jon Bernthal, an actor famous for playing cops and cartel affiliates, mobsters and professional thieves-for-hire, is facing a new kind of adversity: His dress shoes are too tight. “I’m sitting here on set,” Bernthal, 45, says over the phone, “wearing a fancy … Read more

The Most Accessible Makeup, Skin, and Hair Products for People Who Are Blind or Have Low Vision

As an above-elbow amputee who loves beauty, I’ve spent a lot of time studying products in order to find ones that are great in terms of both quality and ease of use with one hand. There’s nothing worse than struggling to open your lip gloss and finally dropping the wand on your white pants. But … Read more

Cute Home Office Essentials

Let’s look at some home office essentials. After all, working from home is not always ideal. If not for the tempting bed that looks oh-so-nappable during work hours, then for the ease of getting lost in YouTube and TikTok videos, this setting can feel very boring and uninspiring. However, if you are the kind of … Read more